1:10 RC AE86 chassis

AE86 body and R31 body not included.
Fully 3d printed 1:10 RC drift chassis with front macpherson suspension and solid rear axle.. Realistic design and roll cage looks like a real car. This chassis has front motor configuration and rear wheel drive.

To build, in addition to printed parts, you will need: electronics, bearings, bolts, etc. A complete list of everything you need and assembly instructions can be found in the detailed manual.

It is better to print with PLA or PETG plastic, so it is easier to keep the size of parts.

  • Chassis width - 190-195mm
  • Hex to hex rear - 161.5-175.5mm
  • Hex to hex front - 165.5-175.5mm
  • Frame width - 159mm
  • Wheelbase - 257mm
  • Gear ratio - 6.17

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